About Us

We are a group of friends, a pack of riders, for which bikes means a passion, a way of life, an expression of freedom and not a form of rebellious or “acting like a star” on the road.

Since 2009, six founding members, who had the same vision on how the “iron horses” influenced their lifestyle, decided that they want to do more than just ride together with their motorcycles, and thus founded the “WHITE WOLVES MC Romania” Association, which gained a legal form since 2010, aiming to support and promote motorcycling, acting in partnership with public authorities and institutions, companies or persons, who show an interest in this.

Therefore, for us, wearing the patch means much more than having fun together on good times, also means work, self-discipline and a deep level of involvement in activities promoted by the club regarding traffic safety, road rules and beyond.

Our patch is that of our ancestors, the colors are those of our country, we are proud of what we are and we are not trying to seem to be anything else, we’re not trying to prove anything to anyone, and the name of our club is a tribute to Geto-Dacians – sons of the Great White Wolf – Zamolxe, but our “colors” are for all those who, regardless the nationality, race, religion, sex, wealth, social position, etc., share our values: Fellowship, Honor, Loyalty, Honesty, Respect, Spirit of freedom.

We are an independent club, but we have many friends, despite these times in which it is increasingly difficult to be HUMAN because of the people around us, we like to share the same wind and the same road on two wheels, we love and we are grateful to our loved ones, our families, brothers and friends, because they accept us as we are, they bear us and they try to understand us.